How to Reject the Alpha King

How to Reject the Alpha King

by : MadlainQ

Werewolf  |  Length: 18:38:08  |  Completed
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"You are kidding, right?" A peal of hysteric laughter escaped my throat as Alpha Blaze, my brother, told me that I was about to become some old man's wife. How could he do this to me?! I was eighteen and I had yet to find my mate! My own pack wanted to sell me to Alpha Kestrel, and they even dared tell me that sacrificing myself was my duty?! Knowing that my so-called fiancé was fixated on girls' purity, I came up with a sneaky plan to lose my virginity at any cost… The problem was that the male part of my pack consisted of chauvinistic, primitive screwheads; the mere thought of allowing any of them to touch me was making me sick. I almost lost all hope, but then at my bachelorette party… "Oh. My. Goddess..." I felt as if I had met the sexiest man alive. Moreover, he found me attractive! I spent the most beautiful night of my life with him... but that was when my true nightmare began. My Prince Charming disappeared, and I was severely punished for my deed. Five years later, I found out that the sexy stripper is the damn King of werewolves! Now not only that—he is also my mate, and he knew about it all along! I'm no longer the innocent girl he met. I've been hiding my real identity, but I'm planning to reveal it when the right time comes. When it does, I, Aria Seymour, am going to take vengeance on the Alpha King. Werewolf Kingdom Stories - Book One Werewolf Kingdom Stories in order: 1. How to reject the Alpha King - completed 2. I loved this Beta too much - ongoing

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