Hybrid Luna

Hybrid Luna

by : Raelyn Karson

Werewolf  |  Length: 7:39:15  |  Ongoing
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Being bullied by her peers for being an overweight human has been hard for Neaera. What's worse is when she learns she was adopted. Deciding to run away, she comes to learn she is a werewolf, but not fully. Being found by a pack of mercenaries, she spends the next five years becoming a strong and fierce warrior. Alpha Stryker has spent the last five years in a foul mood. The night his sister left, he has done everything he could think of to find her. When he requests the help of mercenaries to protect his pack from a threat, it is Neaera that shows up. He instantly recognizes her, because he learned before she left that she was his fated mate. Now he will stop at nothing to claim her and protect her from the threat was now targeting her. Will she reveal the truth or do everything to protect her secret? Can she let the past go and accept that the one she used to think of as her brother, is now the mate the Moon Goddess chose for her?

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