I Am Not Ready To Be A Slave

I Am Not Ready To Be A Slave

by : Olusola Coker

Self-Development  |  Length: 0:35:07  |  Completed
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The time has come for women to be equal to men in various works of life. In the world today, almost 90 percent of women are not meeting up with life, they are suffering despite the fact that they are good managers if given a chance. Culture especially in Africa and the middle east are not helping matters. Women that are given a chance in the public and private sector perform excellently well better than men. Women are confident, and should be allowed to choose what they may be with regards to their private and professional life. It is high time we realize that Gender bias is very unreasonable and wrong at all levels. Women should live a life free of domination and stress. They should be loved, pampered, and be free to put in their best in all areas both in the public and private sector. Are you a woman and you still face the following challenges? Then this book is for you. Are you a full-time housewife, jobless, and you feel you want to develop your passion and make an impact on the world day?

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