I Shall Not Die

I Shall Not Die

by : Gabriel Agbo

Self-Development  |  Length: 1:37:45  |  Completed
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It is not yet over. God has not finished with you. You are not dying now. Yes, you are not. This book is to reassure you that He still has a plan for your life. It doesn’t matter how dark things look. Here you will find many interesting chapters like: I SHALL NOT DIE, ALL POWER BELONGS TO GOD, GO BACK AND TELL HIM, PRAYER, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?, DON’T BE AFRAID, DON’T RUN AWAY and GO AND GET MORE VESSELS. There is no need to give up now. Don’t kill yourself. You must stand up, with faith and hope and fight on, face your challenges. Don’t be afraid and don’t run away from them. God has come to help you. Here you will also read how to resist the spirit of frustration, depression and death. Why is the rate of suicide rising? Any solutions??

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