Kill List

Kill List

by : Brian Shea

Thriller&Suspense  |  Length: 7:38:20  |  Completed
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To stop a terrorist attack, a veteran FBI agent must join forces with a bank robber. FBI Special Agent Nick Lawrence has just transferred to the bank robbery unit based out of Connecticut’s New Haven field office. Near his breaking point after the recent death of his father, he makes the move to care for his aging mother. Declan Enright, a former police officer recently fired over a controversial shooting, has reached his own breaking point. Confronted with insurmountable financial burdens in the wake of his early termination, Declan is desperate for a way to provide for his wife and three daughters. Tapping into an elite skill set forged during his time as a US Navy special warfare operator and using the insider knowledge of a former police officer, Declan crosses the threshold and commits the perfect crime. Nick Lawrence is assigned to the case and begins closing in. But when a series of terrorist attacks rattles the nation, the two men find their fates intertwined. And the only way to prevent the next attack is to work together.

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