Luna of the Menae

Luna of the Menae

by : Neener Beener

Werewolf  |  Length: 22:00:08  |  Ongoing
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Kas Mason isn't just a werewolf. She's also a Goddess. One of the Moon Goddess' fifty daughters known as the Menae. After Kas dies from starvation in the dungeon of her own packhouse, at the order of her mate, Bronx, the Moon Goddess gives her a second chance at life.When Bronx, children of her friends, and children of the ranked members of the pack suddenly go missing, it's up to Kas to accept her heritage and fight for the ones she loves the most to bring them home, even if it costs her life.Note from the author: This is the third book in The Blood River Series. I recommend reading Forever in the Future and Forever in the Past AND Daughters of the Moon Goddess before starting this book.

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