Master Your Patience : A Practical Guide To Manage Your Skills

Master Your Patience : A Practical Guide To Manage Your Skills

by : Dr. COSTA P

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Preface by the Monk Coen. ”In this book, Pedro Costa makes an important analysis - an anamnesis of altered states of consciousness, and gives us guidelines, recipes, suggestions so that we can perceive our moods and develop the ability to deal with them. We will need patience a lot - in order to have physical, mental and social health.<br><br>We can identify the enemies of patience. Not only we can, but we should. Let us define them as the main causes of our daily unrest. First, the people. Second, time. Third, the situations. The fourth can be understood as the union of the first three: chaos, or ”people with no time in difficult situations”. Normally, when we lose patience completely we fall into this last stage of impatience. It's this combination of factors that disturbs our peace. In this book, we describe a method so you always remember the ”good allies” of patience. A way to improve your life. It's the ”4S” rule, a shortcut to memorizing it. Thus, the four allies of patience are: Silence, Sight, Smile and Sure. Easy, right? We'll go into detail about this method and each of the four allies as well as the enemies of a complete change to a better life. We must also observe that the more we focus on the present, the more likely we are to find the allies of patience. The authors P. COSTA and G. COSTA bring a two-fold vision from different areas. First a broad approach of patience by medical science, linked to mindfulness, and on the other hand an approach by anthropology, closely related to the totality of the human being, including all of its dimensions.

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