My Alpha, Her Mate

My Alpha, Her Mate

by : Karima Sa'ad Usman

Werewolf  |  Length: 24:17:06  |  Completed
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BOOK 1 AND BOOK 2 (SURVIVING THE DARK) She was a slave, and love bought her freedom. Ellis Ross is a beautiful young woman sold to a werewolf pack by her father to settle his debt. Although she was to work as a servant, Alpha William was captivated by her beauty that he included her in his harem of lovers. It was not long the young, innocent Ellis stole the heart of the Alpha, and they both fell madly in love. William broke a lot of pack rules to keep her by his side. Unknowing to William, Ellis is more than what he bargained for, and though he knew she had a target on her back, he did not know how big that target was until he was in too deep and could not get out. Together they battle the odds and fight their enemies for a wave of lasting peace. Their busy schedule does not stop them from spicing things up in and out of their bedroom. These two pleasure-driven love birds show their world the strength of true love. *Warning* This book contains a lot of sensual scenes and violence. If you can survive it, then you are good to go. *LoL* A story situated in the same world as the characters in Spirit Wolf".

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