Naughty #teXXXt

Naughty #teXXXt

by : SarwahCreed

Fantasy  |  Length: 31:14:00  |  Completed
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This is a collection of seven hot and steamy standalone romances. There is no cheating, and enough steam to make your app sweat as you turn the pages of these HEA romances. Naughty Sext - Bianca Young and her dad tried to cross us. They wanted to take my family for fools, and now they’re going to find out what three jocks like us will do with her beautiful body. Daily Sext - Seven men. One for every day of the week. A story too sexy to pass up. Triple Sext - My dream man on campus might not be one guy, but three. Quadruple Sext - Four brothers want one woman for fun in Vegas. It’s the perfect opportunity to lose my virginity. Forbidden Sext - My perfect match might be the one guy on campus I hate. Filthy Sext - The Sext Line could find my perfect match. I just never expected it to be him. Hot Sext - A professor messing with a student? Career ender.

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