Only Time Will Tell

Only Time Will Tell

by : boobunny71

Werewolf  |  Length: 5:38:21  |  Completed
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Anastasia Tomes (Ana) is an abandoned orphan she-wolf who endures a lifetime of physical, mental, psychological and medical abuse at the hands of Janice, the housemother of the orphanage she is raised in, and Kaira, a witch who is working with the Janice. On her 18th birthday, she is not only kicked out of the Moon Valley Orphanage, but she also meets, and is subsequently rejected by, her destined mate. Ana never shifted and began to believe that she was wolf-less, until after she has left the orphanage. She was kept drugged with wolfsbane, Bella donna and other herbal concoctions, as well as liquid silver which all keep her from developing normally. Ana has been given injections throughout her life and was told it was a medical procedure to keep her alive. These cocktails of toxins caused her to have poor eyesight and extremely low metabolism, causing weight problems, both anomalies of werewolves. Ana meets her wolf, Scarlett, on her birthday after she leaves the orphanage. Scarlett helps her through as she experiences a pattern of rejections: from her parents to her destined mate. Although Ana feels that her life is worthless and that she is unlovable, she feels that she needs to go on a fact-finding journey to find out who she is, what her truths are and what her contribution to the world is. In her travels, she finds that there are unsavory people who will do whatever they can to keep her from her destiny, a destiny she has yet to realize.Will Ana be able to unravel the web of deceit whe has believed all her live, realize her potential and become the she-wolf she was destined to or will she tuck tail and run to keep her sanity and life intact?

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Dana Mae

2023-04-20 00:42:41
I love this story but I was hoping to have the whole story. I love the different narrators!!!
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Lil Mari Mooda

2022-12-20 07:47:11
This book is Definitely not Completed, so please, somebody, explain to me how this book is marked completed? Like Fr
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Mary Pownell-Styer

2022-11-28 09:48:43
Great book. Wish it was finished. It says completed but it seems it’s not even half!
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Tricia Wrabiutza

2022-11-17 05:07:40
Really enjoying the book. Can't wait for more updates. hope it will be soon.
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Rebecca Thomas

2022-11-10 11:08:28
I feel this is a good one the vocalists is brilliant
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2023-05-19 10:58:05
Checking back, really enjoyed the story that’s posted so far and also the narrators are doing amazing job bringing this to life. Can’t wait to hear more
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