Owned By The Alphas

Owned By The Alphas

by : Jayce Carter

Werewolf  |  Length: 7:55:48  |  Completed
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It takes more than one alpha to bring an omega to her knees. Claire has sworn off alphas, but when her investigation into the murder of her friend puts her in the sights of not one but three of them, her resolve is tested. Even as she craves their touch, she refuses to fall for them. They can have her body, but she’ll protect her heart at any cost. Bryce, Joshua and Kaidan don’t want an omega of their own, but they can’t resist the mystery woman who breaks into their office. Her scent, her curves and her taste lure them, but they want more than just her body. It will take all three of them to play her at her own game and convince her to give them a chance. >As they navigate their complex relationship, Claire’s search for the killer alpha puts them all in danger. Can they come together to face the threat, or will their secrets and fears destroy everything they’ve found?

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Frost Bite

2023-03-21 07:02:54
I how do you say a book
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Kathy Corrales

2022-11-08 10:55:26
it's okay
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Water Shine

2022-09-02 03:28:59
it will not play to listen to please fix and thank you
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Frannie Kellison

2022-09-02 01:11:58
can't get it to play
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Tricia Wrabiutza

2022-08-31 10:23:01
can't listen as well!
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2022-09-18 02:18:21
Narrator voice slightly more computery than I’d like, but there is enough inflection for it to feel normal after a while. Excellent story too. Looking forward to listening to the other books
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