Pirate Blood

Pirate Blood

by : Eugenio Pochini

Literature&Fiction  |  Length: 12:26:27  |  Completed
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Golden age of piracy. Johnny spends his childhood in Port Royal. Its alleys are populated with adventurers, throat cutters and prostitutes: everyone is looking for fortune among the inns and the decks. The boy finds out once the existence of a mysterious treasure... and everything changes suddenly. Forced to join the terrible pirate Barbanera's crew, Johnny will have to face a lot of dangers, between cruel boardings, scaring native tribes and dark omens, putting his life at risk and trying to fulfill his destiny. Eugenio Pochini: after obtaining his Bachelor of Arts Degree at La Sapienza University in Rome, he began working in the Italian theatre and cinema industry. Pirate Blood is his first novel, winner of the ”International Golden Books Awards 2019” in ”Best Plot Category”.

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