by : Robert A Webster

Thriller&Suspense  |  Length: 8:03:23  |  Completed
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This thrilling, unpredictable, yet sometimes hilarious quest, takes you from the fashionable London restaurant scene to the wild untamed jungles of the Cardamom Mountains, where an English baker and a Cambodian refugee search for a missing family and try to find a mythical plant, source of an incredible and unique spice.<br><br>Ben Bakewell is the Master Pâtissier at one of London’s most prestigious restaurants. Better known as Cake, he befriends Ravuth, a refugee from the killing fields of Cambodia who fled to England in the 1970’s as the Khmer Rouge ravished his country. As a youngster, Ravuth stumbled across an unknown plant, the source of an incredible and unique spice. Separated from his family by the Khmer Rouge, and having spent the majority of his life trying to trace them, Ravuth returns to Cambodia with Cake to seek the rare plant and find his missing loved ones. Arriving in Cambodia, they team up with a disgraced ex-DEA agent bent on revenge and needs to find the plant for purposes that are far more sinister. They furrow into the deepest parts of the untamed, unforgiving, Cardamom jungle where they barely come out alive. Will they find Ravuth’s family and the amazing Spice

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