The Alpha's Hated Slave Mate

The Alpha's Hated Slave Mate

by : MelanieTee

Werewolf  |  Length: 9:13:10  |  Ongoing
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"You have to choose between death or becoming my slave. Either I give you a death sentence now, or your life becomes enslaved. I have given you the liberty to choose."  On the night of her 18th birthday, the time came for princess Alexa of the Blue Scorpion pack to meet her mate, and this particular moment was everything she’d hoped for, but in the end, what happened was not what she’d expected. She found out that her mate, alpha Logan of the Red Lotus pack, who happens to be the youngest, charming and most desired alpha in all the realm, also happens to be her enemy. That night, alpha Logan was bent on achieving his revenge against Danister, the Blue Scorpion alpha and he wasn’t going to let anyone get in the way, not even Alexa. That same night unlocked a new life for Alexa, as not only was her pack taken into captivity, but she, the high-held princess was also taken into slavery by the hands of her mate. For the trauma her father caused him in the past, Logan plans to do so many things to Alexa; he wants to hurt her, he wants to make her pay for all his suffering, he wants to make life as miserable as possible for her, up till the point where she begs for death. Now, there’s only one problem standing in the way of his plans; the mate bond they share won’t let him. Instead, it draws him closer to her, it makes him yearn for her in the most unimaginable ways. Find out where this love story between Alexa and Logan will lead in The Alpha’s Hated Slave Mate.

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