The Alpha's Moon Princess

The Alpha's Moon Princess

by : Raelyn Karson

Werewolf  |  Length: 20:43:58  |  Completed
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BOOK ONE OF THE MOON PRINCESS TRILOGY:A Prophecy, spoken by the three Goddesses known as The Fates, foretold of a child born with a white wolf. The child would become the ultimate destruction or the ultimate balance. On the night of a full moon, nearly eighteen years ago, the child was born and she would be known as Kyra, the Moon Princess.Kyra spent her life as a rogue, never belonging anywhere, constantly on the run. Until one fateful event lands her just outside the borders of the Night Blaze pack. The Alpha, Hunter, learns that she is his fated mate, but she doesn't believe it. The truth of who and what she is revealed. Kyra has to decide if she will stay with the devilishly handsome Alpha, who makes her question everything or face her past alone. For the first time in her life, more is at stake than just her life. Will she become their undoing and end up being the one that brings destruction to them? Life as Kyra knew it will never be the same, she will have many obstacles to overcome to learn who she is. Though will it be enough to fulfill her destiny? What will happen when she decides to stop running and face the past that haunts her?

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Jasmine Johnson

2022-04-21 15:20:54
this book is really great
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Vicky Jackson

2022-04-16 07:50:31
awesome book. I love the characters.
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LaTasha Wiggins

2022-04-15 06:26:45
This was a good book in all there were parts in the book I personally didn’t like but just my opinion but all in all it read very well!!
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