The Banished Beta's Saving Grace

The Banished Beta's Saving Grace

by : Cooper

Werewolf  |  Length: 11:46:02  |  Completed
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Eli Gunnar has been on the run most of his life, after the Alpha of his pack killed his father, blaming him for the death of the Alpha and Beta heirs. Eli was banished at 12 by the Alpha. Less than a year later, attempting to save the only person kind to him in his banishment, Eli was found with a dead Luna Estella in his arms. He was blamed for her death and was hunted until her son, Liam caught him. Only because of Liam's mate, Angel, a Guardian with the gift of tasting deceit, was the real story believed. Liam let him go to start a new life. It's on this journey that he stumbles across his fated mate, only she doesn't have a wolf. Grace is the only child of Alpha Edgar and Luna Paige. For ten years she is spoiled, the darling of the pack. prepared to become the next Alpha, taking over for her father. However, when Grace does not get her wolf, her father changes, becoming angry and distant. When she still has no wolf on her 12th birthday, he banishes her from the pack. She and her mother leave the pack and Paige's mate. Living in the human world, Grace watches the ruptured mate bond slowly kill her mother, leaving her alone in the world at age 16. However, on her 18th birthday she not only awakens with a wolf, but a Guardian. Now, hunters are coming. They have heard of Guardians and their strength, and they want them dead. Grace will have to trust Eli as her mate and join forces with the other Guardians who she feels a strange connection to defeat this new foe and begin the life she was always meant to have – the leader of her own pack.

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