The Confessions Of A Concubine

The Confessions Of A Concubine

by : Roberta Mezzabarba

Literature&Fiction  |  Length: 4:39:27  |  Completed
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One day you will be happy, but first life will teach you how to be strong<br><br>A powerful novel, charged with strong emotions, with a cadenced rhythm. A story of domestic violence, of psychological abuse that will grab you in the gut. Mysia, a young woman, and her monochromatic life that step by step will become increasingly tinged with black, a black that knows sadness, fear, mourning. And in an escalation of violence, when the situation seems to become irreparable, impossible to bear, it will seem as if there is only one solution... But life is sometimes able to surprise us, and although this will not represent a fair reward for the wrongs suffered, perhaps over time it will be able to mitigate the memories, cushioning sharp edges and opening an unhoped-for glimmer of light. Every one of us deserves a life in color, deserves to finally be the architect of our own destiny, without succumbing any longer, to finally be free to love, to love each other.

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