The Great Ski-Lift

The Great Ski-Lift

by : anton soliman

Literature&Fiction  |  Length: 7:45:11  |  Completed
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How to describe the Great Ski-Lift? A colossal and audacious high-altitude defying network. A system formed by ski-lifts and cable-ways linking an infinite number of possible lines and points across the Sierra mountain chain. Our journey begins with Oskar entering the symbolic realm: a deserted forecourt in the remote village of Valle Chiara the site for reaching altitude and the Great Ski-Lift. The Protagonist is forced on an endless ascent; along the journey primordial figures are keen to make themselves known. Our story unfolds along the serpentine routes of the Great Circuit… Stark mountain landscapes paint a world of dazzling white, one where everything is bound by a perennial winter. Oskar is left with only one choice, to move NORTH… An escape diary from the KNOWN. A journey that Dante could never write because the Alter-Ego had not yet discovered…

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