The Italian Bride of the Mafia King

The Italian Bride of the Mafia King

by : Maginator

Fantasy  |  Length: 13:42:24  |  Ongoing
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“What can you pay in return for my protection, Ms Ferrari?” His deep velvety voice greeted my ears. “Anything!” I breathed out without weighing my options. Because I was more than desperate at that moment. He stood up and stepped near me before caressing my cheek with an unrecognizable glint in his eyes. “Then be my bride, Bella.” And just like that I sealed my destiny in his tainted hands. It was my first mistake. Second was, to fall in love with him, madly and irrevocably without knowing his hidden lethal identity. ……. Aaron Salvatore Knight! He emanates power, affluence, confidence, and the luggage of forbidden deeds. His eminence stirs the souls of the city with his domination, elusive games and title of ruthless Heir of the Knight family. Eligible billionaire? Not only that. He is the next boss in line of 'Cosa Nostra', one of the crime families in New York. He is known by the name of "Velenoso" in the underworld because whoever meddles with him or becomes a barrier in his way, has tasted his poisonous side. But Even The Devil is bound to some Traditions. To get the title of ‘Capo dei capi’ He needed to follow the tradition of marrying the Italian breed so He began his search for his prey. But what happens when some ordinary religious girl, a believer of Mother Mary's teachings, strikes his life unexpectedly with her not-so-called appearance and shakes his identity among the people? Would He be able to get her into his twisted life or would she try to escape his entanglement of games? Would she serve him the purpose of finding something He wants? The Italian Bride! Well, dive into this dark journey of these two different burning spirits where The Devil meets his innocent Angel!

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