The Long Shadow Of A Dream

The Long Shadow Of A Dream

by : Roberta Mezzabarba

Literature&Fiction  |  Length: 6:10:47  |  Completed
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The night that Greta thought of the opportunity to turn her life around, a strong and icy wind from the north was lashing the sea, she could still remember it. she made her mind up: she was going to run away.<br><br>Thus begins ”The long shadow of a dream”, lives intertwining, pride, recurring stories, emotions and passions… destinies. Greta is a girl who decides to take her life in her hands but then realizes that she has never really broken away from her native land; she understands that a wound to be truly healed must be painfully cleaned up to get to the heart of the problem. You need to go to hell and back in order to see the sky again. Of course, nothing will ever be the same again, but this is the way to go if you want to live and not exist. These are the strengths of this novel, it is well-structured, and easy to read. A romantic novel which is not too romantic. It conceals countless ideas which are open to a number of interpretations, but which is above all the analysis of a man seen as a human being, at the mercy of an unpredictable life.

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