The Woman From Hell

The Woman From Hell

by : Su Luoluo

Billionaire  |  Length: 87:29:25  |  Updated just now
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Wanda Lane failed to warm Theo Grant’s heart despite being with him for three years. After experiencing so much pain and suffering plenty of humiliation and injustice in marriage, she resolutely decided to let go. She handed him a divorce agreement. “Since there’s no love between us, let’s get a divorce.” She did not expect a child to grow within her womb after their divorce. When her ex-husband ran into her during a pregnancy checkup, he walked over in large strides and stopped her from leaving the washroom. “Whose child is it?” “Don’t worry. It’s definitely not yours, Mr. Grant,” Wanda said with a faint smile on her face.

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Melissa Crenshaw

2023-05-26 11:18:47
kind of ironic with the title being the woman from hell that the woman on the cover looks like Amber Heard just saying ... ...
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Enid Roberts

2022-08-02 00:52:40
she is an ass
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