The Beast And The Blessed

The Beast And The Blessed

by : Ashley Breanne

Werewolf  |  Length: 42:39:47  |  Ongoing
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I thought I would be beaten and broken forever. It was the curse of not shifting. Without a wolf, I was no better than a human to my pack, an omega. I was there to serve and clean up after them. The only light in my life was my boyfriend, Jake. At least, he was until he decided to sleep with and mark my sister. When all hope was lost, and I was ready to make my escape, my life was turned upside down. The Lycan King was known to be cruel and heartless. He had slain thousands, ruled with an iron fist, and was now searching for his mate. Turns out, being a human was the least of my worries….

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2024-05-02 12:18:28
Great book! Love the story, the narrators! I wanna keep it forever!
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2023-07-29 10:28:47
Love this story. ...️
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